Jason Prigge Speed Paint Performance at Lakeland College Movers and Shakers Gala

You've seen the beautifully dynamic, bold and juicy work of Artist Jason Prigge that portrays a scene in a contemporary impressionist style with vibrancy. You've seen his live demonstrations and probably, like me, marveled at how quickly he can turn a blank canvas into something your walls pine to display. His brush is fueled by the beats in his earbuds. Now there is an opportunity to watch a Jason Prigge speed painting performance. The music will pump for five minutes while Artist Prigge performs, creates and completes (start to finish) a piece of art. 

The video below gives you a taste. To see it live, one must attend the Lakeland College Movers and Shakers Gala . To wit, it will be a cool experience. As an artist, Jason continually strives to accomplish more, learn more, experience more. As he grows, so does his body of work. Documenting a journey. Collecting pieces of his work from each period is a recipe for a marvelously inspiring collection. 

Hometown Pride Group Show

The Hometown Pride Group Show features the original works of three Manitowoc, Wisconsin artists with a mutual theme of the city of Manitowoc. 

The show opens on May 2 and runs through July 2 at the BAMCO World studio/gallery of Jason Prigge, 702 York Street, Manitowoc. The gallery is open Sundays from noon to 5pm and by appointment and chance. There is no admission fee to visit the gallery and view the exhibit. 

The exhibit features the work of artists Chad Beeman, Jason Prigge and Tina Prigge. Works are available for purchase by interested collectors. 

The opening of the Hometown Pride Group Show coincides with the grand opening of the Jason Prigge Gallery/Studio located at BAMCO World. The former industrial facility is flooded with natural light that lends itself perfectly to the creation of and enjoyment of art. 

Battling to Save the Art Environment of Mary Nohl

Take a moment to navigate over to this article by Debra Brehmer regarding a very unique landmark in Milwaukee, the Mary Nohl House and Garden. 

This unique sculptural and 3D art environment was crafted over years of love and devotion and is intricately entwined with the story of the adjacent lake. It's a beautiful and inspiring little place, worthy of it's designation as a Milwaukee Landmark and recognition on the National Register of Historic Place. 

But it's future is in jeopardy. Your voice could make a difference. For more information, check out this great post by author/illustrators Tina and Carson Kugler. Their soon to be released children's book, "In Mary's Garden", is a gorgeously illustrated piece about Mary Nohl's life of work as an artist made very accessible and endearing for all. 

"Selfless" Painting of Tom Drill Raises $1000 for Salvation Army

"Selfless" 16x20 Oil by Artist Jason Prigge


MANITOWOC- The holiday season is upon us. It is a time for giving and sharing and caring. No better example is set in Manitowoc than by that of Tom Drill. Tom selflessly gives of himself on behalf of others for the betterment of the community all year long. But his selfless actions are most evident during the holiday season where he can daily be found incessantly ringing the red kettle bell on the corner of 8th/Franklin Streets in downtown Manitowoc raising donations for the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army’s mission, of course, is helping others in need, particularly during the holiday season when they provide food, toys and clothing.

This Christmas just got a little merrier.

Manitowoc’s own national award-winning artist Jason Prigge painted a portrait of Tom Drill titled “Selfless” with the express purpose of donating 100% of the proceeds to the Salvation Army in Tom Drill’s name. The painting portrays Tom ringing his bell in front of his little red cabin on the corner of 8th/Franklin Streets.

Barry Nelson agreed to host a silent auction for the piece at the Manitowoc Trading Company. Bidding was set to start at $300 with a ‘buy it now’ price of $1000.

Tom Drill jokingly remarked that he would be thrilled if a painting with his representation managed to raise 8 bucks.

In less than 24 hours, the silent auction is complete. An anonymous person generously contributed the $1000 to ‘buy it now’ and take home the original work of art “Selfless”. Kyle Bryntesen, Kettle Coordinator for the Salvation Army Manitowoc County, along with local Corps Officers, Lieutenants Jeff and Terri Olson, are thrilled and thankful to Artist Prigge and the Anonymous Donor for their generous contributions. What a beautiful example of local forces coming together with a mission of giving, sharing and caring.

 A video of the progression of the painting “Selfless” will be available on Prigge’s YouTube channel at

Spy Gear Secret Agent Video

Vagabond Visual Concepts was happy to create this video project for submission to Spy Gear

A boy is enjoying the day playing games in his afghan fort. His dad (or is it the Evil Dr. Oddball?) joins the fun by capturing his stuffie Apebraham Lincoln. The boy goes into action using his Spy Gear to decode a secret message delivered by Henchman Cat Scratch and rescue Apebraham Lincoln.

Pleinairist Jason Prigge wins Best in Show at Lake Moon



August 12, 2014

 From the Desk of Jason Prigge Art

 MANITOWOC- Manitowoc’s own pleinairist, national award-winning artist Jason Prigge, won Best in Show at the Lake Moon Plein Festival hosted by the Cedarburg Art Museum and Concordia University on Saturday, August 9. Located on the sweeping bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, the view was inspiring. The juried Best in Show Award was bestowed upon Jason Prigge for his 16x20 piece titled Rolling Greens. Featuring the lush bluffs ascending from the Lake Michigan shoreline, the winning piece was completed on location with easel perched on the shoreline riprap. Executed in an impressionist style using juicy colors and bold brushstrokes, the painting was completed over a two hour time span. 

 The Best in Show at Lake Moon comes only weeks after Prigge’s  First Place People’s Choice Award at Door County Plein Air Festival Dockside Quick Paint. Prigge will next compete at the Milwaukee Domes Art Festival on August 16.


The fabled pleinairist perched on the riprap

The fabled pleinairist perched on the riprap

Rolling Green 16x20, Best in Show

Rolling Green 16x20, Best in Show


Jason Prigge wins Door County Quick Paint Competition

Jason Prigge wins Door County Quick Paint Competition

Manitowoc’s own pleinairist, national award-winning artist Jason Prigge, won the 8th Annual Door County Plein Air Festival Dockside Quick Paint Competition on Saturday, July 26 in Fish Creek, Door County. Hosted by the Peninsula School of Art, over 500 art lovers gathered to cast their votes for the People’s Choice Award which was bestowed upon Jason Prigge with much fanfare for his 22x28 piece titled Restful Morning. 

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Where are they now? Who did they become?

As a portrait photographer, it has been a great pleasure to capture the smiling faces of young and old alike. Each session has always been unique, providing a glimpse into the personality of the subject. Sharing an enjoyable session together to get the perfect shots, each person making an imprint on my life as I memorialize a special moment in theirs.

So I often wonder, where are they now? Who did they grow up to become? I look back at senior photos, when the world and its myriad experiences and possibilities lay ahead, and wonder what impact the beautiful, smiling person in that portrait may have contributed to the world. Did they follow their dreams? Achieve their goals? Many of the professionals we interact with daily once had their portrait snapped. Are they the nurse, accountant, artist, foreman, fireman, yoga instructor?

I am happy to have captured a precious moment in their lives. To have memorialized a smile, a dimple, a twinkle in their eye. 

The Value of Loyalty

Loyalty. How has it become so undervalued? By its very definition, to be loyal is a commitment. It is the suppression of self-interest in favor of the success of the cause one is dedicated to. For an employer it should be attribute numero uno on the importance scale. A loyal employee is dedicated to the success of the mission, in the case of a business, to its profitability and success. A loyal employee is not just clocking hours and doing a job. A loyal employee goes above and beyond. Is an advocate. Has the company's back. You can count on a loyal employee to do what is needed to advance the success of the business. 

While it's a no-brainer that a loyal employee is worth his or her weight in gold compared to a non-loyal employee (not disloyal, just complacently non-loyal), the economic value of loyalty is grossly underrated. As an employer, having a loyal employee on the side of the business is worth 10 or 20 employees who wouldn't go above and beyond to save a customer relationship, win a deal or make sure every detail is accounted for. And yet, if it's measured at all, it is a "soft" number. Einstein perfectly summed it up: "Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted."

It is erroneous to believe that profitability is a result of the "hard" numbers alone. The "soft" numbers, the intangible assets such as loyal employees, play a larger role in profitability than most number crunchers give credit. 

In short, a loyal employee is worth retaining. An employer with loyal employees is fortunate and poised for success. 

"Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life." - Napoleon Hill (1883 - 1970) from Think and Grow Rich (published 1937). 

It's easier to go down a mountain than up, but ...

The view is always better from the top.

Mt. Everest, Himalaya, Nepal. Captured by Salon Vagabond. 

Mt. Everest, Himalaya, Nepal. Captured by Salon Vagabond. 

That doesn't mean it was easy to get there. Scaling a mountain literally - or the mountainous challenges in life - is frought with difficulty, peril, and hard work, but the resulting rewards that come from applying oneself to such endeavors make every drop of perspiration worth shedding.

Accomplishment, and her close companion success, don't simply materialize. To attain, there is pursuit. To tromp the path of pursuit to triumph requires dedication, training, creativity, flexibility and a sense of adventure. And the path of pursuit is oft littered with mistakes, failures, obstacles and doubt. It is no small feat to summit a peak, although the smiling and exuberant selfie snapped at that pinnacle moment appears carefree.

So let's debunk the notion of overnight success. If it's your passion, pursue it. It's not a race to the peak. Proceed one step at a time. When you need to: stop, rest, assess. Suddenly a crevasse looms large? Adjust. Get creative. Will you go around, over, under or through?

Smooth sailing is an appreciable condition because it is not always the case. Consider the recent 3,500 mile voyage across the Atlantic completed by James Iverson and crew. The goal, the top of the mountain if you will, was sailing into Portugal where they were toasted with a round. But in an interview with the Herald Times Reporter about the adventure, Iverson recounts the rigorous preparation begun a year in advance of setting sail and some of the intense, nail-biting experiences of the voyage.

When we push ourselves to stretch to new heights, it is worth it. The journey may be treacherous, there may be times you wish you were anywhere but on the mountain, it may seem easier to go down the mountain than up, but the view is always best from the top.

Cutting edge artists use the basics in new ways, cease and desist violates the spirit of art

The essence of art is the freedom to create something new, something fresh from existing foundations. Art, in its many forms, brings us joy, brings us pleasure when it provides a glimpse of the heretofore unseen, unexperienced. Basically, it is the job of an artist to provide a new take, a new perspective.

It was a delight to read the positive review by Mike Fischer in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of David Mamet’s “Oleanna” as interpreted by Director Erin Eggers for the Alchemist Theater. The headline for the review “Alchemist Delivers Intense Oleanna” was followed by Fischer describing Eggers’ directorial debut as gripping. A huge success for an artist. Exactly what an audience would crave, a fresh take on a decades-old show.

In this two person show, the review lauds Eggers for the daring decision to cast a man in the role of Carol, originally scripted as a woman. This is a brilliant example of the director, an artist, using the basics (the script) in a new way to address relevant societal issues while preserving every word of the original artist’s (Mamet’s) work. According to the review, Mamet’s script lends itself to this flexible casting decision when the character of Carol refers to herself as “of some doubtful sexuality” and as “having overcome sexual prejudices and humiliations”.

The Alchemist Theater took care not to have any pre-show spoilers so it was a treat for the audience to encounter this casting surprise when the curtain rose.


Interested in seeing this unique performance? You cannot. “Mamet Shuts Down Production” was the title of the adjacent article on the same page in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The curtain has closed forever on this particular production. After only one performance, the production was canceled when the Alchemist Theater received a cease-and-desist letter from Dramatists Play Service on behalf of Mamet as a result of the casting decision. This seems to violate the essential spirit of art. Cutting edge artists are in a constant state of creation and reinvention based on the basics. This is how they achieve the wow factor, what makes us pause and reflect, think, feel … the raison d’etre of art.

Plan a Party

You're Invited! So exciting to receive a party invitation. As an event planner, it's even more fun to create a custom invite and plan the related event. Seems daunting? Where to begin. 

First, what is the compelling reason for the party? Is there a theme or special guest? Does it require space rental or will it be at your home? Knowing the approximate number of guests you plan to invite will help in the determination of an appropriate space. If a space is required, such as a banquet hall, restaurant, park or other special venue, call to confirm that dates you are targeting are available and that reservations are accepted. Once you've determined the overarching raison d'etre for the party and a location, the next thing to confirm is availability of guest speaker or guest of honor if there is one. Coordinating with any "must attend" guests will allow you to confidently secure the date of your event. 

Pool Party Invite Sample.jpg

Depending on the critical nature of the event,  you might consider sending out "Save the Date" cards to guests to get it on their calendars well in advance. There are helpful online event management sites such as that are useful for sending out a digital invite and tracking RSVPs. It's certainly not necessary for a quaint event. 

Location, Date, Guests. Next determine the time frame for the party. Does it fall over a lunch or dinner hour? Will there be food and refreshments? If so, will you hire a caterer? Will there be activities or entertainment? Get your head around the answers to these questions and address them next. 

We'll discuss more in an upcoming post. 

Happy party planning!

Foot Selfies: Put Yourself in Their Shoes

OK, I'll admit it. At first I was completely indifferent to 'foot selfies', the ubiquitous shots on Instagram, Facebook and the like of people's own feet ... in various settings. And then, for just a moment, I almost felt disparaging about foot selfies because they are just so easy to take.  Usually in a seated or reclined position. 

But then I had a change of heart and warmed to foot selfies. I realized that a foot selfie is a chance to "put yourself in someone else's shoes" for a brief snap in time. I might never personally have the opportunity to experience relaxing on a dock at a beautiful, snow-capped mountain ringed lake in New Zealand. However, thanks to a foot selfie by mstephens7 I can grasp a hint of the essence of that zen moment. 

And it turns out, foot selfies are becoming an art form in their own right. Capturing a moment artistically and creatively. Notice how corrine_t presents a foot selfie in her own unique voice, beautifully shot, conveying a shortstory even. By looking down, it seems possible to step right into those sandals and have the experience for myself.   

And then I came to the realization that I am actually thankful for the daredevils who dare to snap foot selfies dangling at dizzying heights. Through their images I glimpse a perspective of the world that I would otherwise never experience.