Plan a Party

You're Invited! So exciting to receive a party invitation. As an event planner, it's even more fun to create a custom invite and plan the related event. Seems daunting? Where to begin. 

First, what is the compelling reason for the party? Is there a theme or special guest? Does it require space rental or will it be at your home? Knowing the approximate number of guests you plan to invite will help in the determination of an appropriate space. If a space is required, such as a banquet hall, restaurant, park or other special venue, call to confirm that dates you are targeting are available and that reservations are accepted. Once you've determined the overarching raison d'etre for the party and a location, the next thing to confirm is availability of guest speaker or guest of honor if there is one. Coordinating with any "must attend" guests will allow you to confidently secure the date of your event. 

Pool Party Invite Sample.jpg

Depending on the critical nature of the event,  you might consider sending out "Save the Date" cards to guests to get it on their calendars well in advance. There are helpful online event management sites such as that are useful for sending out a digital invite and tracking RSVPs. It's certainly not necessary for a quaint event. 

Location, Date, Guests. Next determine the time frame for the party. Does it fall over a lunch or dinner hour? Will there be food and refreshments? If so, will you hire a caterer? Will there be activities or entertainment? Get your head around the answers to these questions and address them next. 

We'll discuss more in an upcoming post. 

Happy party planning!