Foot Selfies: Put Yourself in Their Shoes

OK, I'll admit it. At first I was completely indifferent to 'foot selfies', the ubiquitous shots on Instagram, Facebook and the like of people's own feet ... in various settings. And then, for just a moment, I almost felt disparaging about foot selfies because they are just so easy to take.  Usually in a seated or reclined position. 

But then I had a change of heart and warmed to foot selfies. I realized that a foot selfie is a chance to "put yourself in someone else's shoes" for a brief snap in time. I might never personally have the opportunity to experience relaxing on a dock at a beautiful, snow-capped mountain ringed lake in New Zealand. However, thanks to a foot selfie by mstephens7 I can grasp a hint of the essence of that zen moment. 

And it turns out, foot selfies are becoming an art form in their own right. Capturing a moment artistically and creatively. Notice how corrine_t presents a foot selfie in her own unique voice, beautifully shot, conveying a shortstory even. By looking down, it seems possible to step right into those sandals and have the experience for myself.   

And then I came to the realization that I am actually thankful for the daredevils who dare to snap foot selfies dangling at dizzying heights. Through their images I glimpse a perspective of the world that I would otherwise never experience.